US First Lady Melania Trump Lands in Kenya This Week

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"I did not know she's in town until I heard about it on the radio a few minutes ago", Cynthia Brobbey, a saleswoman at a popular retail shop near the airport told Reuters, three hours after the first lady's arrival in Accra. She arrived Tuesday in the West African country of Ghana.

The first lady also had a private tea with her Ghanaian counterpart, Rebecca Akufo-Addo. A young girl offered her a gift of flowers wrapped in a traditional cloth. Trump clapped her hands and waved at a group of school children waiting for her at the airport.

Commuters were caught on camera looking on without any interest in the First Lady as documented by Jennifer Jacobs, White House reporter for Bloomberg News.

But unlike her predecessors, her visit will be followed closely to see if she can build bridges after the president reportedly dismissed Africa as a collection of "shithole countries".

She also watched a nurse demonstrate how vitamins are administered to babies by mouth and toured the neonatal intensive care unit.

With a wave and a smile, first lady Melania Trump arrived in Ghana Tuesday.

"I feel strongly that as adults, we can and should be best at educating our children about the importance of a healthy and balanced life", the first lady said.

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U.S. farmers will have access to about 3.5 percent of Canada's dairy market, Reuters reported , citing sources. Trump has approved the deal with Canada, a source familiar with the decision said.

Despite Wright's criticism, Mrs. Trump is taking the world by storm.

Melania moved to the USA in 1996 to pursue her modelling career and became a United States citizen in 2006 after she married Donald Trump in 2005. Check it out below to hear what folks from Ghana, Egypt and Kenya had to say.

The first lady did not make a speech but those who met her said afterwards that unlike her mysterious public image she was "warm" and "gentle" in the flesh.

President Donald Trump's wife plans to promote child welfare during the five-day, four-nation tour. He denied making the remark.

First up on the trip for Trump is Ghana.

"Africa is so handsome, the most lovely part of the world, in many ways", he said days before his wife arrived, nine months after he said Nigerians were living in huts and African nations, Haiti and El Salvador were "shithole" countries.