Samsung Reveals Galaxy Note 9 S Pen Secrets, Opens It To Devs

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However, the South Korean company's Note 9 takes the win by a single point with a score of 83. Or in the air, really.

Though the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max LTE speed has improved dramatically compared to iPhone X, users have complained about cellular connectivity issues on the new models.

The first thing you see is the effect of the new 4x4 MIMO antennas.

We saw R&S's solution recently at Mobile World Congress Americas and we were blown away by its power and flexibility.

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Real-world tests from Ookla's Speedtest database showed an average speed increase of 6.6 Mbps on all US carriers on the iPhone XS as compared to the iPhone X. In Canada, that difference jumped to a much more significant 20.2 Mbps.

Here in the US, AT&T shows the biggest improvement from the X to the XS, with speeds jumping 8Mbps.

You'll find an even more dramatic change if you're upgrading from an iPhone 7. The new 4x4 MIMO antennas effectively doubled the iPhone XS speeds over prior models, while also helping more in weak signal conditions, which as PC Magazine notes shows how "desperately needed" the new antenna array was. Anyone upgrading from the iPhone 7 would see an even larger 9.9Mbps increase in the USA and 31.6Mbps jump in Canada. The 128GB Galaxy Note 9 has a regular MSRP of $999, but Amazon is now selling the device for $929 (in either Ocean Blue or Lavender Purple). But if high-light smartphone showed good results, in low light was worse than its competitor.

The iPhone XS has been criticized a little for only providing a marginal upgrade over the iPhone X. There's no killer feature in this year's Apple devices and some people have suggested that the handful of marginal upgrades, like a faster processor and much better camera, aren't worth the upgrade. If you are coming from iPhone X to the XS or XS Max, you'll see dramatic improvements at all signal levels.