Ruby Rose Debuts as The CW's Batwoman

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Just to stoke the hype fire, following the reveal of Ruby Rose in her Batwoman costume, Arrow star Stephen Amell revealed to his followers online how the Elseworlds event will begin.

The costume was designed by legendary award-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood, who also designed the signature costumes for Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl. The crossover will introduce Batwoman, aka Kate Kane, to the ever-expanding Arrowverse, and serve as a backdoor pilot for a standalone Batwoman series.

Meet The CW's Batwoman.

The first look at The CW's Batwoman is here. I guess Barry and Co won't get much rest after their landmark 100th episode airs on December 4.

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There are a few other things we know about the crossover.

But LGBT and other leftist activists weren't happy; Rose is gender fluid, they complained, and Batwoman's alter ego, Kate Kane, is a self-declared lesbian which means Rose isn't gay enough.

As we reported last month, the crossover's title, "Elseworlds", is a nod to a set of classic DC titles that tend to happen outside of the main storyline (like Gotham by Gaslight or Kingdom Come). It will also be nice to spread the heroes out more evenly across the multiverse. Pulling herself out of a destructive cycle, she chooses to become Batwoman and fight crime.

Fans were incredibly excited that a queer woman was cast in the role, as Batwoman is one of the highest-profile lesbian superheroes in comics, and fans are hoping to see her sexuality represented when she heads to screens later this year.