President Trump has a Thursday lunch date with Kanye West

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Well, it finally happened - Kanye West's White House meeting with President Donald Trump took place in the Oval Office on Thursday, and it seems like their conversation was just as odd as you might guess.

Joining West, Trump, and Brown at the lunch were Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, White House advisers and Trump's daughter and son-in-law, respectively.

West, who received harsh criticism for suggesting slavery was a "choice, " told Trump that "we have to release the love [throughout] the country. we don't have the reparations but we have the 13th Amendment".

Declaring that his red "MAGA" hat makes him "feel like Superman, " rapper Kanye West made a free-styling appearance in the Oval Office Thursday.

After West spoke for about 10 minutes, often showering Trump with praise, Trump himself said, "I tell you what, that was pretty impressive". "That was quite something".

Donald Trump is to have lunch on Thursday with musician Kanye West, one of his most famous celebrity supporters, and former football player Jim Brown to talk about the criminal justice system and prison reform among other political issues.

Trump said he is willing to "look at it", and said "they have to do something".

"Only after, in 2024!" he said, adding that everyone needs to stop talking about the future because "all we have is today". "Let me give this guy a hug", he said.

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"Trump is on his hero's journey", West said.

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump disembark from Air Force One upon arrival at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in Helsinki, July 15, 2018, on the eve of a summit in Helsinki between the US President and his Russian counterpart.

When asked by a member of the press whether West was looking to run for president, he said that would only happen after Trump had served two terms. "You think racism can control me?"

"We feel stop-and-frisk does not help relationships in the city", he said.

West is married to reality television star Kim Kardashian West, who pushed Mr Trump to grant a pardon for a drug offender this year.

West said that there was a lot of "good energy" in the Oval Office.

"I love this guy!" he said.