Next-Generation Chromecast Accidentally Sold at Best Buy

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Google could launch a 3rd-generation Chromecast at its annual hardware event on October 9 in New York City. As he went to checkout, the device wouldn't ring up because it supposedly wasn't in Best Buy's system yet and was instead flagged as scheduled for release on October 9. "But since I already had it in my hand and was the same price as the 2nd generation Chromecast, they let me have it under the old SKU". A customer walked into Best Buy with the intention of buying a second-gen Chromecast but walked out with a still unreleased third generation.

Google has scheduled its next big launch event for October 9 in NY, where the Google Pixel 3 range is largely expected to witness an unveiling. "I thought it was just a design refresh taking queues [sic] from the Chromecast Ultra [sic]".

If you look closely at the box for the device, it has the same NC2-6A5 model number as the Chromecast (2015), which is why we think this might just be the Bluetooth-enabled model in a new case. Still micro-USB (sad right).

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As you can see in the following image, the new Chromecast is nearly identical to the old one, although there are clear visual differences that will help you differentiate between different Chromecast generations. The Chromecast 3 is also seen rocking a new design, embracing a more matte design instead of the glossy finish found on the Chromecast 2.

There is now no information available regarding the specifications of the third-generation Chromecast, but Google is set to reveal more information next week. Finally, the Redditor says when he wasn't able to set up the device using the Google Home app. The new Chromecast is expected to arrive with Bluetooth support.

As mentioned earlier, the Reddit user was unable to make the thing work, so we don't know yet how the Chromecast 3 will be different from the Chromecast 2 in terms of functionality.