New ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ Trailer Celebrates the Teenage Witch

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Just in time for the Halloween season, Netflix has dropped the final trailer for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Check out the trailer below as well as the new key art in the gallery!

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will commence on Netflix on October 26. Times are scarier now. Along the way, Sabrina is forced to navigate through new adventures and horrors in the mysterious town of Greendale.

Mad Men's Kiernan Shipka plays the titular role on the 10-episode Netflix series.

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Buzzfeed recently shared the descriptions of all of the major characters in the upcoming show, according to information released by Netflix. In the midst of this madness, arises the story of a young half-witch, half-mortal girl named Sabrina Spellman who's on the cusp of some insane, chilling adventures. Sabrina giggles as her boyfriend, the charming but doofy Harvey Kinkle (My Friend Dahmer star Ross Lynch), fake-chases her down the path to her front steps. But even that's gotten complicated, as her favorite teacher Mary Wardell (Michelle Gomez) is possessed by the Devil's handmaiden and becomes Madame Satan, a vengeful spirit determined to destroy Sabrina and everything she holds dear.

While Zelda, on the other hand, "believes there is no greater honor than serving the Dark Lord as a member of the Church of Night" and "is the family's disciplinarian, fiercely protective of Sabrina, and very much Cain to Hilda's Abel".

On a scale of one to Archiekins, how excited are you about Netflix's rendition of Sabrina?