New Facebook message hoax spreading

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Tech Expert Burton Kelso told our sister station WDAF, that you can stop forwarding this latest warning to your friends about being hacked.

Of course, fake accounts happen; a scammer can take your personal information and set up an account that looks like yours to gather personal data about you or spread viruses.

'We haven't seen an increase in incoming reports of impersonation (cloned accounts),' a Facebook official said.

A hoax is sweeping across Facebook, which claims people's accounts have been cloned and encourages users to share the message. Good Luck! PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT A NEW ONE FROM ME AT THIS TIME. "I actually got another friend request from you yesterday...which I ignored so you may want to check your account..." The person who created the alternate account sends out the message above, hoping to get your friends to accept your request in order to obtain their information. The company stresses that this is not related to last week's security breach.

Facebook says there has been no known uptick in cloned accounts this week, when the messages started circulating, WSYR reported.

Facebook users believe their account has been cloned

The office says to not do what it says and to simply ignore the message.

If you are an avid Facebook user, you've probably noticed that quite a few of the people on your friends' list have been posting that they've gotten hacked. "Please forward to all your contacts", the message reads.

The message goes on to instruct Facebook users to hold their finger on the message until the forward button appears and then prompts them to forward it to all of their friends.

But not to fear, Facebook accounts are not really being cloned.

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