N. Korea’s Kim invites Pope Francis to Pyongyang

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North Korean officials have suggested Pyongyang as a site, though that would hand a major propaganda victory to Kim without him having to make a concession.

North Korea's reported overture comes a few weeks after the Vatican signed a landmark deal with Communist China, North Korea's closest ally, over bishop nominations, aimed at ending decades of tensions that contributed to dividing the Chinese church and hampered efforts at improving relations between China and the Vatican. He flew back to the USA with little new to show for three days of lightning diplomacy.

Meanwhile, Trump has accused Beijing of "meddling" in the upcoming mid-terms by running a four-page editorial-style supplement in the Des Moines Register, trying to tap into Iowa farmers' frustration over the tariffs.

Then in a speech last week, Vice President Mike Pence issued a broad indictment of the methods behind China's rise to becoming a major economic power, asserting in a sharply critical speech that Beijing has sought to undermine USA interests across the globe.

Pompeo is on an official visit to China for consultations on bilateral and global issues, including Beijing's territorial claims in the South China Sea.

Since the summit, the archbishop said he has met with Francis.

The trip illustrates the administration's struggle to counter challenges to American influence in Asia as the president focuses on turbulent domestic politics ahead of a pivotal midterm election.

The U.S. says denuclearization means North Korea giving up its weapons.

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Moon also said there was a possibility of Kim holding a summit with Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe.

"China and United States relations are at an important juncture and facing challenges", Yang said. "Today, it is time for the United States to accept a different and powerful China, no matter how uncomfortable it will be for the United States", he said. When asked earlier Monday whether Xi had declined a meeting because of disagreements between the two sides, Pompeo said, "I expect they'll also raise the issues that they're happy with".

North Korea entered talks with the US and South Korea earlier this year, saying it's willing to negotiate away its advancing nuclear arsenal.

One clear victor from the diplomatic back-and-forth in recent months is Kim: The North Korean leader derives enormous domestic benefit from being seen as a respected head of state meeting with a USA president and his top deputies, and not just the dictator of a rogue, isolated regime.

Pompeo replied that it was "important that we listen to each other, work through and find constructive solutions so we can find a good outcome for both our countries".

"Expressing the belief that the dialogue and negotiations between the DPRK and the US based on the deep confidence between the top leaders of the two countries would continue to develop favorably in the future, too, and a good program for the 2nd DPRK-US summit talks would be provided sooner or later, the Supreme Leader said good-bye to the US secretary of State", the KCNA said in English. A series of diplomatic understandings on Taiwan - in which the Communist Party tolerates American weapons sales while the us accepts Beijing as the capital of "one China" - underpin more than four decades of relations between the two sides.

But, as Pompeo made his way back to Washington after three days of talks in Tokyo, Pyongyang, Seoul and Beijing, it was unclear what had been accomplished.