May vows 'austerity is over' - but should we believe her?

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They want to support a party that is decent, moderate and patriotic.

May ended the governing Conservatives' annual conference with a call for the party to show that it "delivers on the issues (voters) care about and is comfortable with modern Britain in all its diversity".

Just hours after the Prime Minister appealed to the party to unite behind her plan, former Brexit minister Steve Baker, who quit over Chequers, urged her to avoid a political "accident" and rethink her approach to negotiations with Brussels.

Theresa May has now nailed not only her own colours, but also those of her whole party to the mast of HMS Chequers.

But while Mrs May made 10 mentions of the word "build", she did not mention "rebuild" once, unlike Mr Corbyn who said it 12 times.

European Union leaders have also rejected her proposal for Britain to remain closely economically aligned with the bloc, and gave her until a summit on October 18 to rework it.

Joking about her disastrous speech a year ago - when letters fell off the set and she had a coughing fit - Mrs May quipped: 'You'll have to excuse me if I cough - I've been up all night supergluing the backdrop'. In and of itself this is a great accomplishment, yet in order for the Tories (or any other government) to keep on building on it, we need to see solid plans and actual policy suggestions that would provide better resilience to the vulnerable newcomers in the labour force.

"I'm surprised I'm going to say it, but what I caught of the prime minister's closing speech, she positively surprised me", he told CNBC's "Squawk Box Europe" on Thursday. We have to make the arguments for free markets, for open economies, and we have to recognise in doing that, that for some people as I said on the steps of Downing Street back when I first became prime minister, they do feel that things haven't been working for everyone in the way that they should.

How are we then expected to make the most out of the "infinite range of opportunities" ahead of us? "It is in the national interest", she told the conference Wednesday.

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Theresa May speaks during the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham. The June 2016 referendum on leaving the European Union exposed deep ideological divisions within the party (and, needless to say, the country as a whole) and May has struggled to unite party members, and her own Cabinet, around her Brexit proposals. Nevertheless, factional agitating in the Conservative Party continues, depleting May's opponents of political energy and capital.

May later lamented: "What has befallen Labour is a national tragedy", while audaciously borrowing slogans from two prominent faces of Labour.

France's Europe minster Nathalie Loiseau yesterday said the country would prefer Britain crash out of the bloc without a deal rather than accept a compromise which undermined the EU.

She argues that her plan is the only way to avoid customs checks along the now invisible border between the U.K.'s Northern Ireland and European Union member Ireland - a development that would be troublesome for residents and businesses on both sides, and could undermine Northern Ireland's peace process.

THERESA May has nicked Jeremy Corbyn's campaign slogan - rejigging it to tell her party she wants "everyone" in Britain.

She will re-iterate her commitment to helping people on low incomes by ruling out any increase in fuel duty in the Budget on 29 October.

"Emotional arguments that stress the issue of dignity sound attractive, but they do not facilitate agreement".

There was also the promise that, should Brexit go well, as in, May's way, public sector workers who've had their pay frozen would see that thaw, because 'after a decade of austerity people need to know their hard work has paid off'.