Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Who debut was fantastic - but it made one mistake

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This season features 10 stand-alone episodes; you have a huge series character arc for numerous characters, but if you come in at episode five, you'll get a stand-alone story which feels like a film.

The first episode of the new series of Doctor Who starring newcomer Jodie Whittaker drew the programme's biggest launch viewing figures in 10 years.

Apart from the Doctor, who's still disorientated after the regeneration, quipping that she was "a white-haired Scotsman" only half-an-hour earlier, the transformation is batted aside in favour of jumping straight into the action.

Most importantly for the children in the audience, we were able to communicate both the excitement of scientific research, and the feasibility of becoming a professional scientist regardless of your background. So I felt as if I was continually trying to discover things and I suppose settle in.

The long-running television series chronicles the adventures of an extraterrestrial time lord who travels to different time periods to help people, without doing anything drastic that may alter the course of history. "And why recast if you don't want to continually have a new perspective?"

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'Doctor Who' continues on Sunday at 6.55pm on BBC One.

"Well, my relationship with it is I'm now a very new Whovian. But, I certainly wasn't coming at it from a Whovian standpoint, so it's been exciting for me to kind of be welcomed in and realising why there's so much love for it out there, because it's absolutely incredible, and I think it's been a really exciting journey and one that I'm really glad is not over yet". Are you excited to see where Whittaker and Chibnall take the story next?

Blogtor Who, another site dedicated to the show, said Whittaker was "utterly believable" in the starring role.

You'll get the chance to make up your own mind as the episode airs this evening on the ABC at 5:55pm AEDT. With a new showrunner, a new Doctor, new companions, and a new theme, the show has well and truly regenerated, and it's left looking a heck of a lot better, if not entirely flawless.

"Full of hope" she says immediately. It will screen on the ABC on Monday nights at 5.55pm.