Everyone got this text message today, here's why

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The WEA portion of the test will commence at 2:18 p.m. EDT.

The brief message will also say that it is only a TEST and that no action is needed.

The test was originally scheduled for September but was postponed as FEMA responded to Hurricane Florence.

"That's the whole point of conducting these tests, so we as the government can determine where the deficiencies are so we can go back and make improvements", said Mahoning County EMA Director Dennis O'Hara. Given the name of the message and President Donald Trump's penchant for online communication, people have plenty of questions about this system and how it affects them. It was sent by FEMA as a test of the system. Users can not opt out of receiving the WEA test.

FEMA officials estimated that about 225 million devices would receive the alert at about the same time, but the message was broadcast by cell towers for 30 minutes so some people got it later than others.

Here's the kicker - the subject of the alert will read: "Presidential Alert".

The test alert was sent by a device similar to a laptop from a FEMA laboratory.

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In January, America's emergency management technologies made headlines when a state-level official mistakenly sent an alert to Hawaii residents warning them of an inbound ballistic missile attack.

Rules outlined in a 2006 law states that the White House can issue a presidential alert only if the public were in peril, or during national emergencies. The goal is to have phones get the alert at the same time. It featured a loud alarm, followed by vibration that lasted around one minute, and required no action.

It didn't take long for the internet to buzz with reaction to the country's first nationwide tweet from President Trump.

This afternoon the nation's alert system, now called Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS), gets its new upgrade.

The plaintiffs' main complaint is that Presidential Alerts are compulsory - there's no way to opt-out of receiving them.

"Spoiler Stress Alert: the Presidential Emergency Alert message is set to be sent at 2:18 Eastern today", wrote Democrats politician Donna Edwards. It's not supposed to be used for political purposes, and it will only be used very rarely.

You will not be charged for this message, the alerts do not collect any data, and the alerts do not have any tracking capabilities.