Backed by senators, Kavanaugh on track for U.S

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Republican Senator Susan Collins announced her support for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh Friday afternoon, strongly boosting chances that the judge will be confirmed. "I will vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh".

Now that Kavanaugh has cleared the procedural vote, his confirmation, political observers believe would be easy, unless a major last-minute hiccup pops up.

But the fight was defined in recent weeks by sexual assault accusations, especially Christine Blasey Ford's allegation that a drunken Kavanaugh tried to rape her at a 1982 high school gathering.

Some of them continued raising concerns that Kavanaugh would push the court further to the right, including with possible sympathetic rulings for President Donald Trump, the man who nominated him.

With 50 senators voting "yes" and 48 senators voting "no", Kavanaugh was confirmed with a almost party-line vote and one of the narrowest margins ever.

Advisers and Senate leaders had urged Trump not to attack Ford publicly, anxious such a move would anger on-the-fence senators.

"I never thought Judge Kavanaugh would withdraw", McConnell said during the interview with The Post.

Though Kavanaugh has been widely criticized for his anger during his testimony at last week's hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Tom said that the judge's emotions are understandable given the high stakes.

But that's just what she and a friend did, writing notes and shoving them under the office door, though they did not think the senator would read them. Republicans pointed to missing details in the accounts of accusers, while Democrats largely supported the women, and after Kavanaugh's emotional testimony in the hearing with Ford, questioned his honesty on other issues, like his personal history with drinking.

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An FBI report sent to the Senate on Thursday said that based on its one-week supplemental background investigation, there is no corroboration of sexual misconduct allegations made against Kavanaugh.

"If I need to be in two places at once to walk my daughter down the aisle on her wedding day and to be the final vote to put Judge Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, he's offered me use of his plane", Daines said in a statement to Fox News Friday. Kavanaugh could still win confirmation if Murkowski is the only Republican to oppose him. Kavanaugh deserves a presumption of innocence, Collins said, and allegations by Christine Blasey Ford and other women did not reach a threshold of certainty.

Sen. Flake confirmed to reporters Thursday that there was "no new corroborative information" in the Federal Bureau of Investigation report on sexual allegations against Judge Kavanaugh.

"Our Supreme Court confirmation process has been in steady decline for more than 30 years", Collins said.

"I would love to know the backstory of how long it took her to write that speech", he said.

The suspense over whether Brett Kavanaugh will be the next Supreme Court associate justice is likely to end this weekend, after Republican Sen.

Murkowski called her decision, which she quietly announced in the chamber after other swing votes had announced they would vote in favor of Kavanaugh, "the most hard evaluation of a decision that I've ever had to make".

"If he was drinking as much as what they said, he could have done that and not remembered", she said.

But he said he believes Kavanaugh will "determine cases based on the legal findings before him".