Back in Maine, Collins says she's getting positive feedback on Kavanaugh vote

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Kavanaugh was sworn in as a justice on Saturday evening in Washington after an extraordinarily fraught nomination that sparked angry protests, nail-biting votes and a national reckoning about sexual assault allegations and who should be believed after Kavanaugh was accused of sexual misconduct when he was a high school and college student.

About 100 anti-Kavanaugh protesters climbed the Capitol's East Steps as the vote approached, pumping fists and waving signs. The Senate voted 50 to 48, mostly along party lines.

But the Kavanaugh spectacle, fueled by extraordinary accusations and counter-claims in nationally televised hearings, and tense battles over an 11th-hour FBI investigation to address the assault allegations, has inflamed political passions.

At a rally in Mississippi, Trump mocked Ford by saying: '"I had one beer.' Well, do you think it was ..."

Mr Kavanaugh's confirmation was all but sealed Friday when he won the support of key Senate Republican Susan Collins and conservative Democrat Joe Manchin. She added, "I give him my honest opinion and honest advice".

However he says he doesn't really have an opinion on Kavanaugh who was confirmed onto the Supreme Court on Saturday.

"This is a a good day for America and an important day for the Senate".

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At the end of her solo trip to Africa, Melania Trump spoke to reporters in Egypt about numerous topics outside of her fashion choices. "I was assaulted when I was younger and I didn't tell anybody".

White House officials now say they view the speech as a turning point that changed the momentum as it appeared Kavanaugh's nomination was at risk.

With just over four weeks until election day, there is still time for the dynamics to shift again - and the political headwinds from the Kavanaugh confirmation are unlikely to blow in just one direction.

Collins had been a holdout Republican but did agree to vote for Kavanaugh's confirmation and announced her decision on Friday. USA president Donald Trump had nominated Kavanaugh on July 9, 2018, as a replacement of Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy.

"What I have seen on the news with this debate of Kavanaugh versus Dr. Ford, it's one of the most upsetting things I've ever witnessed", Lady Gaga, music sensation and star of the newest incarnation of "A Star is Born", told Stephen Colbert and his TV audience. During a campaign rally in MS, the president mocked Ford for not remembering key details of the alleged attack, including the date and location of the party she says she and Kavanaugh attended 36 years ago.

"When you blocked Merrick Garland's nomination from President Obama, you basically said that we don't do this in a presidential election year and that we wait until the election and then whoever the people choose, they get to pick the Supreme Court nominee".

Protesters railed against Kavanaugh on Capitol Hill in the week leading up to the final vote Saturday. A crowd-funded campaign has raised millions of dollars for Collins's eventual challenger, while former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin suggested on Twitter that she could face Sen.Lisa Murkowski, the sole Republican opponent of Kavanaugh's confirmation.