USA will eventually rejoin nuclear deal, Iranian President Rouhani says

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At no point on Wednesday did the president make similar pronouncements about Russian Federation, which the US intelligence community long ago accused of engaging in a coordinated influence campaign to boost Mr. Trump's chances of being elected in 2016.

Speaking to reporters in New York Wednesday, the president defended his decision to withdraw from the 2015 six-nation agreement for Tehran to give up its nuclear program in exchange for the removal of crippling economic sanctions. "They have rampant inflation, their money is worthless".

Trump says Beijing doesn't want him or the Republicans "to win because I am the first president ever to challenge China on trade". They were just sharing a "good time".

The high-profile Security Council meeting came a day after Trump poured scorn on the "ideology of globalism" and heaped praise on his own administration's achievements in a speech to the UN General Assembly that drew head shakes and even mocking laughter from his audience of fellow world leaders.

Wednesday's meeting highlighted a rift between the United States and its European allies over the Iran nuclear deal.

Trump said expect "very good news" in the coming months and years from North Korea after his landmark summit with the young strongman in Singapore in June. We do not wish to attack them.

US President Donald Trump is insisting he has evidence that China is attempting to meddle in the US mid-term elections - but that it "respected" his "very, very large brain".

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Macron added that all countries share the same objective of preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

The President began his address on Tuesday by pointing out that this was the second time he had spoken to the UN General Assembly.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani responded by accusing the Trump administration of violating the rules of worldwide law and "state obligations" by withdrawing from the 2015 nuclear deal that Iran signed with the US and five other major powers. "This can not be continued", Rouhani told a news conference.

Trump went on to tout the USA economy, before going back to explain the awkward moment.

"We need to build together a long-term strategy to manage the crisis that can not be reduced to a policy of sanctions and containment of Iran", said Mr Macron. "Against my administration", Trump told a UN Security Council meeting whose ostensible subject was on nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

The two countries, already engaged in an acrimonious trade war, continue to butt heads over a list of sensitive issues including the South China Sea and Taiwan. China also cancelled plans for its navy chief to meet with his American counterpart at the Pentagon this week.

"Following America's withdrawal, the United States began reimposing nuclear-related sanctions on Iran".