Space Station astronaut captures mammoth Hurricane Florence from directly above

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A storm's a-brewin' - and NASA has it on tape.

This photo equipped by NASA presentations Hurricane Florence from the International Condominium Contrivance on Monday, Sept. 10, 2018, because it threatens the U.S. East Run.

A total of 3 storms have been spotted by the satellites as of September 13: Joyce, Isaac, and Helene.

On Wednesday, at the moment of the US National Hurricane Center announcement, Hurricane Florence was at about 335 miles (540 kilometers) away off the US East Coast, more specifically, right at the southeast of Wilmington, North Carolina. The size of the storm and its expected staying power will make life tough for anyone who decides to try to ride it out (which is not a good idea).

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Hurricane Florence is now a powerful Category 4 hurricane and is expected to make a risky impact once it makes landfall along the coast of the southeast USA later this week.

Hurricane Florence has reportedly been causing 80-plus feet waves.

Cameras outside the International Space Station captured dramatic views of rapidly strengthening Hurricane Florence at 8:10 a.m. EDT Sept. 10 as it moved in a westerly direction across the Atlantic, headed for a likely landfall along the eastern seaboard of the USA late Thursday or early Friday.

As Hurricane Florence continues barreling toward the Carolinas, NASA has posted a remarkable video of the storm with winds approaching 130 miles per hour.