Seal slaps kayaker with octopus | Independent on Saturday

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As the seal tried to finish off the unfortunate cephalopod, shaking its jaws vigorously, Mr Mulinder copped an eight-legged slap in the face.

The video then shows the seal breaching the water's surface, with the octopus in his mouth, before flicking its neck and wrapping the live octopus around Mulinder's face.

A kayaker in New Zealand, Kyle Mulinder, was in for a surprise when a nearby seal popped up and slapped him with an octopus.

His friend, Taiyo Masuda, told CNN it was a "beautiful day (and) seals were swimming and enjoying sun on the rocks".

I wonder if the more that kayaker gets of his new seal, the stranger it feels.

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"Eventually we were able to get it off", Mullinder said. Such a raw moment, brought us so much laughter to all of us all day long...

Thanks to the hashtags used by Masuda, GoPro also took note of the clip and found it amusing enough to share in a Facebook post on September 25.

If there's one thing you thought would never happen to you in your lifetime, it would be getting a giant octopus hurled in your face by a seal.

The octopus - apparently relieved at having escaped the seal - then attached itself to the bottom of the kayak and refused to let go. They said they were testing the maker's latest model when the incident occurred.

He told Yahoo 7 News that he and his kayaking buds had been watching the seal and the octopus fighting for quite a while. Sometimes you're the kayaker.