McDonald’s says most of its burgers now preservative

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Now, McDonald's, with its 14,000 US locations, says that a full two-thirds of its burgers and sandwiches are totally natural.

Artificial flavors, coloring, and preservatives from McDonald's burgers will be removed in an effort to try and attract more health conscious consumers.

Calling all Big Mac and Quarter Pounder fans. Gherkins on sandwiches still have artificial preservatives, but customers can order hamburgers without pickles. She further mentioned that the company is committed to bringing changes to its menu so that the customers would feel good about their food.

The Chicago-based company says that about a third of its sandwiches still have artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, including the egg McMuffin and Filet-O-Fish.

Everything from the American cheese McDonald's uses on its burgers to Big Mac sauce, beef and buns are affected by this change.

McDonald's has made other commitments to revamping its menu items and practices as a whole including switching its egg suppliers to cage-free eggs by 2025 and sourcing coffee from sustainable sources by 2020.

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But cleaning up food products and menu items without undermining their original taste, appearance, texture and price point is easier said than done. Competitors like Panera and Chipotle Mexican Grill, even though they cost more, are valued, in part, for their natural ingredients.

In another move to bolster its environmental sustainability, the fast-food chain announced in January that it would start offering recycling in all of its restaurants and transition to environmentally-friendly packaging.

Burger buns: The artificial preservative calcium propionate has been removed from the regular bun.

Still, she points out, McDonald's "hasn't shown its improved food can generate the sales growth that investors are expecting".

The recent USA ingredient changes affect all 14,000 restaurants in the country, as the chain continues to target more health-conscious eaters.