Leonard jokes at Raptors media day: 'I'm a fun guy'

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"I came here with an open mind, I want to do great things", he said, but did not elaborate on what comes next.

The Toronto Raptors forward sent the internet into meltdown Monday with his, um, unique laugh he broke out while speaking to reporters during the team's media day.

DeRozan says "everybody looks at me and Kyle's relationship, but me and Kyle's relationship wouldn't have started if it hadn't been for Rudy".

Kawhi Leonard has officially arrived in Toronto. As long as I have on a jersey, I want to play basketball.

"Obviously I love the game of basketball".

"If you look toward the future, you're going to trip over the present", Leonard said, somewhat philosophically.

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Asked what went wrong last season, Leonard said, "I have no regrets".

Leonard can become an unrestricted National Basketball Association free agent next July, giving rise to concerns he'll just be a one-year rental for the Raptors.

"He's a fun guy (when) you get to know him", Green said.

"The narrative of not wanting to come to this city is gone, believe in yourselves", Ujiri said, noting afterward that Leonard remarked to him about how handsome Toronto is. "I can't give you a spiel about me".

Speaking at press conference unveiling, Leonard said he had no regrets about his trade to the Raptors.

When asked if he views his time with the Raptors as a long-term commitment, Leonard said he views it as a day-to-day process. Check out more footage from the Raptors' Media Day in the tweets embedded below.