Kavanaugh's accuser has four people to back up her claims

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The calendar pages are from the summer of 1982, which is when Ford says she believes the assault occurred. "I think that is a very, very unsafe standard for our country".

Trump said he would watch Thursday's potentially explosive Senate hearing and that he could still change his mind about his nominee once he hears what Ford has to say.

"She said she's not the one to answer if it's time for the FBI to investigate these allegations", Borger said of Murkowski.

Vermont's governor, sworn in last year to a two-year term the same month as President Trump, first spoke about the Kavanaugh allegations last week when he was asked if the allegations seemed credible.

But he also described Judge Kavanaugh as a "great gentleman" and said he was sceptical of the claims against him, based on his personal experience of being the target of "false statements" made by various women in the past.

"I don't want to be in a position where people say, "No, thanks".

Trump said that the Kavanaugh situation was "a very, very risky standard for our country", as "you are guilty until proven innocent". "They're playing a con game, and they play it very well".

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg celebrated the #MeToo movement on Wednesday, just a day before a highly-anticipated U.S. Senate panel hearing into sexual misconduct accusations against high court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Support for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has fallen to its lowest levels since President Donald Trump announced the pick in July - and Republican women are a key reason for that.

The Republican governor said senators should pursue a thorough investigation into the allegations of sexual misconduct involving Kavanaugh.

Without evidence, Trump accuses China of interfering in U.S. midterm elections
On Tuesday, Trump had extended "special thanks" to Xi for support of US efforts to get North Korea to commit to denuclearization. Trump's GOP base in Midwestern and southern states. "China has also targeted state and local governments critical of officials".

Julie Swetnick said in a statement released by her lawyer that the events took place at parties she attended while a high school student in suburban Maryland.

Kavanaugh has strongly denied her claims as well as allegations by two other accusers.

Mr. Kavanaugh responded that he does not know Ms. Swetnick and that the story is "ridiculous and from the Twilight Zone". Trump saying the first United States president George Washington - a man who owned hundreds of slaves when he died - "may have had a bad past, who knows".

Kavanaugh strongly denied the allegations by Swetnick, 55, who has worked extensively for the federal government.

She has alleged that she saw Judge Kavanaugh behave as a "mean drunk" at the parties and witnessed the "fondling and grabbing of girls without their consent".

Swetnick did not identify Kavanaugh or Judge as her attacker in that incident. "They know it is a big fat con job", Trump said.

She says he ran his hands all over her body and tried to take her clothes off, but her one-piece bathing suit under her clothes caused him trouble, and after a tussle with him and one of his friends, Mark Judge, she was able to flee.

Republicans have been hoping to win confirmation for Kavanaugh by early next week.

"I didn't expect that reaction, but that's OK", he said.