Kavanaugh, Ford in High Stakes Senate Hearing

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Although she did not name Kavanaugh, the timing of Ginsburg's remarks are telling- the hearing into the thin and unsubstantiated allegations against Judge Kavanaugh mere hours away.

The Republican-controlled committee, led by 11 men, on Tuesday said it had hired a female lawyer to question Ford.

Even Sen. Dianne Feinsteing saw the good foresight to ask, "why have you held it to yourself all these years?"

Trump said that if lawmakers had moved faster, "you wouldn't be talking about it right now, which is frankly what I would have preferred".

"I don't believe that they should schedule a vote before they have the hearing", Scott said.

"I am terrified", she said, in her opening statement.

"They are actually con artists because they know how quality this man is and they have destroyed a man's reputation and they want to destroy it even more, and I think people are going to see that in the midterms, what they have done to this family, what they have done to these children, these attractive children of his and what they have done to his wife".

Online lender Avant invited its employees to the main boardroom at its Loop headquarters for a current events talk on the Kavanaugh hearing, said Chris Armsey, senior vice president of people and communications.

Republican Chuck Grassley, the chairman of the committee, said at the opening of the hearing that he wanted it to be "safe comfortable and dignified for both of our witnesses".

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Deborah Ramirez, a Yale classmate of Kavanuagh, claimed in a New Yorker article published Sunday, that he exposed himself to her at a college party although, The New Yorker acknowledges, she was initially "reluctant to characterize Kavanaugh's role in the alleged incident with certainty". He strongly denied the alleged assault on Ford, and accusations by others, characterizing them as last-minute smears.

"My motivation in coming forward was to provide the facts about how Mr. Kavanaugh's actions have damaged my life, so that you can take that into serious consideration as you make your decision about how to proceed", Ford says in her written testimony submitted Wednesday. Both boys were inebriated, she said.

This time, it could be the four Democratic committee members who were prosecutors or attorneys general who could ask Kavanaugh the toughest questions.

Kavanaugh has denied the allegation.

"I don't have all the answers, and I don't remember as much as I would like to", Ford told the Senate panel, her voice shaking.

"I'm used to being collegial", Blasey Ford said.

'Each of these stories are troubling on their on and each of these allegations should be investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, ' said Feinstein. He also apologized for the harsh treatment - which has included death threats - that both Ford and Kavanaugh have endured.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is moving too quickly toward a vote on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Vermont Gov. Phil Scott said Wednesday.

Judge Kavauaugh has said he may have met Ms Ford but denies any assault took place.