Kavanaugh accuser reveals self to tell story

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"She believes that but for his inebriation and his inability to take her clothes off, he would have raped her", Katz said.

Senate Republicans intend to go forward with Brett Kavanaugh's nomination anyway, despite calls for a postponement in light of the allegations.

Ford has not responded to a Reuters request for comment. "Judge Kavanaugh and the White House both stand by that statement".

Asked about the allegations on Fox & Friends, Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president and one of the highest-ranking women in the White House, gave a barely comprehensible answer, trying to simultaneously argue she wants to hear Ford's story while casting doubt on it. She should not be ignored. "When she tried to scream, she said, he put his hand over her mouth".

In the letter, which was read to the Post, Ford described the incident and said she expected her story to be kept confidential.

Ford had previously written a letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein outlining the story, and said she made the hard decision to tell it publicly after it was widely misrepresented in the press.

Since Ford has gone public with her allegations, Democrats and some Republicans have called on the committee to postpone a vote on Kavanaugh until her claims can be sorted out.

The FBI received a version of the letter with Ford's name redacted, according to a Republican official with knowledge of the letter, and then sent it to the White House to be included in Kavanaugh's background file. With a name and disturbing details, the accusation raised the prospect of congressional Republicans defending Trump's nominee ahead of midterm elections featuring an unprecedented number of female candidates and informed in part by the #MeToo movement.

Ford first contacted the Post in early July, the newspaper reported, when it became clear that Kavanaugh was on U.S. President Donald Trump's shortlist to replace Justice Kennedy.

Ford said Kavanaugh and his friend, Mark Judge, were drunk at the time of the incident.

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Kavanaugh, 53, has promptly denied the claims.

Bezos to reveal HQ2 location by year's end MORE (D-Calif.) praised her constituent for speaking publicly about her sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

A split seemed to be emerging among the GOP.

WaPo said she refused to talk with them for "weeks".

She said both she and Kavanaugh were teenagers at the time.

A potential "no" vote from Flake would complicate the judge's prospects.

"It raises a lot of questions about Democrats' tactics and motives", said Taylor Foy, the spokesman. Many Democrats have called for a delay in the vote, and a handful of Republicans have opened the door to that possibility. Critics have already accused the GOP of fast-tracking the process to get Kavanaugh on the court by October 1, the first day of the fall term.

Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, the top Judiciary Committee Democrat, issued a statement calling for a delay.

Ms Ford, 51 and a clinical psychology professor at Palo Alto University in California, said she was able to get away after a friend of Mr Kavanaugh's who was in the room jumped on top of them and everyone tumbled. She said she went home and didn't tell anyone until she and her husband were in couples therapy in 2012. Lindsey Graham, that allowing this woman to be heard in sworn testimony, allowing Judge Kavanaugh to be heard in sworn testimony about these specific allegations, would be added to the very considerable mountain of evidence and considerations that folks will have when they weigh whether or not to vote for Judge Kavanaugh to be on the Supreme Court.