Google, the company that 'knows everything', turns 20

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The first thing is something we spotted a few days ago.

The Discover feed will remember preferences for the language you like different types of content to be in. The Discover feed will roll out to the Google homepage for all mobile users. Along with the new name comes a redesign that should look familiar with the recent Material Theme updates. If you see it next to a trending topic you can tap it to follow the topic.

Google has incorporated Artificial Intelligence to offer smart videos feature called "Featured Videos" card in Google Search. You will be shown content in the language you prefer. You can still block sites you don't want to see. It will also appear on the mobile web. Industry tracker eMarketer forecast that Google and Facebook together will capture 57.7 percent U.S. digital ad revenue this year.

While the Easter Eggs certainly bring much-needed light-heartedness to the otherwise stoic Google Search, they also show how integral Google Search became over its two decades of existence.

Elsewhere, the Google+ social network launched to compete with Facebook has seen little meaningful traction. These range from organizing your search results better, to introducing an Instagram Stories-style presentation for select content. Tying in those related topics, Google said it will add a "topic layer" to its knowledge graph. You don't have to watch a full video for just the 30 seconds that relates to your query. Additionally, Discover uses the Full Coverage feature found in Google News to provide a broader picture of a particular topic by providing an "unpersonalized view of events from a range of trusted news sources". Hopefully this is the last Google decides to tweak about its search results or image options, because it gets pretty frustrating as-is - we don't really need more ways to change things about it.

Trashed by Trump, UN Court is Asked to Investigate Venezuela
He said his foes want to seize Venezuela's riches, which include the world's largest oil reserves and vast gold deposits. Human Rights Watch was among those hailing the request, which was based on two reports: one by the U.N.

Discover can be found inside the Google app for Android, and in a special pane to the left of the leftmost home screen on Pixels, Android One devices, and Sony smartphones. Some users have been seeing the updated Discover UI for several weeks as Google tested it. More than 800 million people use the feed monthly. I know I dive down the same rabbit holes from time to time.

But what exactly are you Googling?

In a demonstration, a user searches Google for "DIY backyard vertical garden", which pulls up a variety of a backyard garden images.

In October 2015, corporate restructuring saw the creation of parent company Alphabet, making subsidiaries of Google, Waymo, health sciences unit Verily and other properties.

The service, called Dataset Search, will help scientists, data journalists and geeks find the data required for their work and their stories - or simply to satisfy their intellectual curiosity.