Fortnite Season 6 Brings Adorable Pets

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Once again, the most significant changes in Battle Royale are to the map. FortniteIntel points out that Wailing Woods now has new cabins along with an underground bunker.

Fortnite's season six is here. You can get dogs, dragons, and other pets that stay with you as a backbling.

With Season 6 coming out on Thursday, however, Fortnite (Android, iOS) appears to be upping the ante with an item called a Shadow Stone, as part of a Halloween-themed content package "full of frights and delights".

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The sixth Season of Fortnite has officially arrived and it's a horror junkies dream come true. Kotaku reports how players have noticed the new Calamity skin in the game has an "undeniable jiggle" when the character performs the jubilation emote.

In areas like Fatal Fields, tall crops let you hide from your opponents when you're low on health. They don't go much, but they will react to different situations and they're incredibly cute.

Why it matters: Just when you think you've got the flawless Fortnite Battle Royale strategy figured out, Epic drops a new update that radically alters how the game is played. Oh, and you can move through walls. But you can sneak up on your opponents with increased movement speed and jump height, then shoot them in the back once the effect has worn off. The Cram Session mini event is now live and offers plenty of new rewards for players to obtain like XP and Evolution materials. While this change doesn't affect PC players, PS4 players using a keyboard and mouse can now queue up with other keyboard and mouse users. Sony has rolled out a beta to enable cross-platform play on the PlayStation 4 for Fortnite.