Donald Trump Just Got Laughed At By The Entire United Nations

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"The United States will not tell you how to live or work or worship", Trump told the worldwide assembly.

It was harsh and divisive rhetoric for an event hosted by the United Nations.

"They weren't laughing at me".

"While they espouse a belief in the sovereignty of nations, they also acknowledge that there are instances where another nation's reliance on the United States for military protection or economic ties presents an opportunity for the United States to have legitimate grievances about those policies that they pursue that are counter to US interests", he added.

'Mr. Trump's trip to the United Nations this week put the United States on an increasingly unsafe path in which we are wooing conflict with powerful countries that do not seek it, ' said Obama's former advisor.

In the aftermath of Donald Trump's announcement to withdraw from the landmark deal curbing Iran's nuclear programme, the leaders of Britain, France and Germany who signed the agreement published a joint statement, saying they will continue to stick by it.

Trump had been asked about a moment during his U.N. General Assembly speech Tuesday, during which the crowd of global leaders burst into laughter as he bragged about his administration's accomplishments.

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On Wednesday, Trump claimed that reports the crowd laughed at him were "fake news".

As Trump arrived in NY on Monday, his opening remarks on the world's drug problem were eclipsed by domestic politics.

Trump appeared briefly flustered.

The world leaders laughed as Trump touted the accomplishments of his administration, beginning his UNGA address by saying that his administration has "accomplished more than nearly the history of our country". "We are standing up for America and the American people, and we are also standing up for the world".

He continued, "The other issue that was brought up a couple of weeks before the UNGA was the special session in the Security Council that the United States was after holding, which Trump said it was on Iran". He also said he has received historical levels of defence funding, along with emphasising that U.S. unemployment was low.

"Iran's leaders sow chaos, death and destruction", Trump told the UN General Assembly in a 34-minute speech that was more critical of Iran than any other country.