British companies excluded from EU Galileo space project if no-deal Brexit

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The government is advising British drivers that they may need to get an International Driving Permit, which they would have to carry alongside their United Kingdom licence, to keep driving in the EU.

However, today's government papers insis this would not weaken gun controls as "the police would continue to assess an applicant's fitness to hold a firearm as part of their consideration of the Visitor's Permit application".

You would either need the 1949 convention IDP - allows you to drive in Ireland, Spain, Malta and Cyprus (and it would last for 12 months) - or you would need the 1968 convention IDP allows you to drive in other European Union countries, plus Norway and Switzerland - (and it would last for 3 years, or until your driving licence expires).

Renewing a passport costs a reasonably hefty £72.50 (€80), while the cost of an worldwide drivers' permit is a mere £5.50 (€6).

The UK will also no longer be part of the Copernicus program, a EU-based earth observation initiative that's a critical asset to national security as it contributes to maritime surveillance, border control and understanding climate change.

ISS images show massive Hurricane Florence from 400 km up
The path of Hurricane Florence sees it going over some of the poorest areas on the eastern seaboard. "But I think we're ready". People in areas vulnerable to the unsafe hurricane, particularly those in coastal regions, have fled ahead of the storm.

In a "no-deal scenario", type approvals issued in the United Kingdom would no longer be recognised by the EU, while European type approvals would no longer be valid in the UK.

Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab said the government would try to force firms to limit charges but he could not give a "cast iron guarantee" on the issue.

United Kingdom passports will continue to be issued in the old burgundy style before and after March 30, until the new blue design is ready in late 2019.

"On the other hand, the technical paper at least clarifies that claimants pursuing claims for damages in United Kingdom courts, based on decisions of the European Commission or member state competition authorities that are made before Brexit, will be able to bring those claims in United Kingdom courts", Davis said. This could mean the return of higher charges to make and receive calls, texts and mobile data usage when travelling in the EU.

British mobile phone customers will also no longer be guaranteed free roaming within European Union nations, according to the latest tranche of plans for managing the fallout if Brexit talks collapse. However, in recent weeks that October deadline has been pushed back until November by the United Kingdom government.