August 2018 Player of the Month: Naomi Osaka

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The problem, essentially, is that there are too many folks in charge and too many different sets of rules. The data would tend to suggest not, but that's only if you believe that men and women behave the same on court.

The Women's Tennis Association, Billie Jean King and others supported Williams, saying male players would not have been punished in the same situation.

This last outburst cost Williams a game, impacting the match and tarnishing what should have been a great win and a shining moment for her competitor, Naomi Osaka. That enraged Williams, and her reactions started the process by which Williams ended up losing a point and a game for racket abuse and verbal abuse, respectively.

Glowing media reports called her a new heroine for Japan. It could be true, if you consider that male tennis players have done worse, including insulting the umpire, taking off their shirts and throwing tantrums. And you stole a point from me.

Then there's the coaching.

Williams told Australia's "The Project" that she and Mouratoglou "never had signals" that would count as coaching, The Australian reported, citing the preview clip released Sunday.

"The one thing we know about Davis Cup is that rankings rarely matter", Courier said. Do judges have a lower threshold for calling penalties on women than they do for men?

nWilliams would've known the rules and realized that obliterating her Wilson Blade SW104 racket would cost her a point, having come after the warning she received for being coached. And it is extremely rare to see it called, particularly in a major final.

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AUSTRALIAN tennis legend Todd Woodbridge has called for players to unite around Serena Williams and demand a change to the rules, particularly around coaching.

Or perhaps the ban on it will be more uniformly enforced.

It is hard to know, and debatable, Navratilova mused, whether Williams could have got away with calling the umpire a thief if she was a male player, but she said focusing on that was missing the point.

That's because the afternoon's main event - Williams vs. chair umpire Carlos Ramos - turned the final into a sideshow.

"The Pan Pacific is so close and I have to be on a diet for my matches, so maybe afterwards for the ice cream". "If you want to see good tennis, you have to let the players breathe a little".

"There is a lot of unhappiness in the umpiring community because no one is standing up for officials", the person told the Guardian.

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