Apple ditches free headphone adapter with new iPhones

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The Smart HDR is the most hyped feature that takes multiple shots in different exposures and combines them to get the bets shot.

The high-end iPhone X is getting an upgrade and new size options: a 5.8-inch iPhone XS ($999) and the 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max ($1,099).

With the new iPhones, however, that adapter is no longer in the box.

You'll be able to preorder the iPhone XS and XS Max here.

The devices don't have a home button and feature Face ID in lieu of a Touch ID fingerprint scanner. That gives the phone more visual real estate than similar-sized models.

Apple's event comes with the global smartphone market largely saturated, without a major catalyst for sales ahead of a likely rollout of 5G, or fifth generation, wireless networks, expected in 2019. The Xr will be available in Canada starting at $1,029 according to Apple.

An afternoon recap of the day's most important business news, delivered weekdays. Instead of the impressive IP68 dust and water resistance rating that the XS range has, the iPhone XR will only have IP67, which is an global scale judging how water or dust resistant something is.

California mandates 100% clean energy by 2045
Jerry Brown signed into law a bill on September 10, that sets a goal of 100 percent clean electricity for California by 2045. Others say the goal of 100 percent renewables is not realistic because wind and solar power are not always available.

On the back, there's a single 12-megapixel, f/1.8 camera with a noticeable bump. The iPhone Xs Max is the Supersized Big Mac and fries phone for an era of healthier digital diets.

At an event on its campus in Cupertino Wednesday, Apple shared the details of its latest iPhone offerings.

The demo was of a training app for basketball players called HomeCourt. A breakthrough 12MP camera system with Portrait mode, Portrait Lighting, enhanced bokeh, and all-new Depth Control.

The iPhone XR will be shipped with a standard charging adapter, a USB-to-Lightning cable and a pair of Earpods. But that kind of real-time processing requires massive computing power, which the rest of us will find pretty useful when playing a favorite online game, or editing vacation videos.

The investors reasoned that doing so would pose no threat to Apple, because the company makes the bulk of its money selling devices, not from how much people use them. You don't feel any unnecessary vibrations with alerts coming in and that's due to the haptic feedback on the Watch 4.

The smartwatches are able to detect hard falls, and an electrical heart rate sensor can take an electrocardiogram. If there is no response within 60 seconds, the watch can automatically call for help. The personal voice assistant first featured on the iPhone 4s and ever since, not only has it has created the road to follow for other voice assistants, but the command itself has now become a part of our lives. So watch out for our full review of the Apple Watch 4. While there is a jury out there, butting its head on whether it is Apple's innovation or not, all we know is, the company brought the feature first on a smartphone and made it as conventional as it could be.