WhatsApp to monetize by selling ads and charging business users

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Chief operating officer Matt Idema said at the time that the WhatsApp intends to charge businesses in the future.

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FACEBOOK IS LOOKING to cash in on WhatsApp by charging sloppy businesses to send messages to customers. The API can also plug into customer relationship management tools like Twilio and Zendesk. Therefore, the company announced today (Aug. 1) is expanding its "support for businesses that need more powerful tools to communicate with their customers".

Like other messages sent via the platform, they will be encrypted, meaning WhatsApp will not be able to read them itself. Whenever your customers ask you something through WhatsApp you can reply using the API within 24 hours and you will not be charged for it. Along with the new WhatsApp Business API, Facebook advertisers will soon have access to ads on Facebook that click to WhatsApp, automatically opening a pre-filled WhatsApp chat between the user and business.

WhatsApp added new tools past year to help people and businesses communicate with each other.

It's the first real attempt that Facebook has made to make money off of WhatsApp.

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The social media giant said Wednesday it's introducing a few ways for companies to advertise their services on the popular chatting app, which Facebook bought in 2014 for $19 billion.

It is also entirely possible that if the affordability of the WhatsApp Business app is suitable, then it can act as a very viable alternative to call centre services.

For starters, you'll be able to provide retailers or other businesses with your mobile phone number so they can send you updates through WhatsApp, such as a shipping confirmation or boarding passes.

"With this approach, you will continue to have full control over the messages you receive".

WhatsApp Business has an active user base of over 3 million people globally.