Valve's pay-to-play 'Dota' card game will be released November 28th

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After what seemed like forever, another Valve game will soon be seeing the light of day.

Our friends over at PC Gamer said that going hands-on with Artifact's decks was like "managing three games of Hearthstone at once, each of which can affect the other in multiple ways which are changing from moment to moment".

Artifact is a card collecting strategy game (CCG) based on Dota 2's world and heroes. Artifact will launch for $20 with over 280 cards, and players can build their collection by purchasing new cards on the Steam Community Market.

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Artifact, Valve's first game in years, will finally be available for purchase starting November 28. Notably, the confirmation of Artifact's release date comes exactly seven years after the debut of its predecessor, Dota 2.

Esports fans will have the chance to play the game prior to the release date at PAX East between August 31 - September 3. You also get ten sealed card packs. You will still be able to obtain card packs, but if there is a specific card you want, you'll be able to get it with fewer hurdles to go through. Attendees will be able to earn signed artwork, merchandise, and two keys for free copies of the game.

If this business model sounds a lot like Magic: The Gathering that's probably because that game's designer, Richard Garfield, is the project lead.