Sony to release limited-edition PS4 in celebration of 500 million sales

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(The PlayStation logo also appear in copper on the system.) On the plate is your console's specific limited edition serial number on it, so you know which of the 50,000 units it is.

If you want to keep your console but still celebrate the occasion, you can grab a DualShock 4 controller with the same styling as the limited edition console.

Sony has today announced that 500 million PlayStations have been sold worldwide and to celebrate, they're doing something special. The limited console is a translucent blue color with sleek copper accents that brings to mind the streak of translucent consoles, controllers, and handhelds that graced the '90s and early '00s. Also included in the special translucent packaging will be a PlayStation Camera and vertical stand for the console. This fetching finish allows you to see the PS4 Pro's (and controller's) innards, and there's even a plaque on the front of the device emblazoned with its serial number.

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While the 500 Million Limited Edition DualShock 4 does come with the system, it can also be purchased as a standalone item for $64.99. Some will have "extra special" serial numbers like 09995 (U.S. Launch Date of the original PlayStation: September 9th, 1995), 01115 (U.S. launch date of PS4: November 15, 2013) and 01013 (U.S. launch date of PS VR: October 13, 2016).

'PlayStation 4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition has been created to represent our appreciation to our loyal fans. Another serial number to keep an eye out for is 01013, which is the USA launch date of PSVR.

The limited edition 500 Million Limited Edition Gold Wireless Headset retails separately at $99.99 and can be purchased in select retailers across the United States and Canada in early September 2018. Theyll go for $500/€500 starting August 24.