Sixteen nurses at once pregnant at Arizona hospital ZlotoNews

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But Ashley Adkins anxious that the other nurses are getting exhausted of their pregnancy-focused conversations.

Something could be in the water at this hospital after 16 nurses announced they were pregnant.

16 employees of the medical center "Banner desert" in the U.S. Arizona was pregnant.

Another said: "We all formulated this plan to have the holidays off!"

More interestingly, the pregnant nurses became aware of the freaky coincidence only when they joined a local Facebook group dedicated to pregnant workers of the respective hospital.

However, in the hospital now there will be a shortage of nurses - all pregnant women go on maternity leave for 12 weeks.

"The next day there were pickles and olives", the nurse said.

The nurses also said patients have started to notice the growing bellies at the ICU.

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These include tuberculosis, shingles or chemotherapy because of the radiation.

All of the nurses say that their non-pregnant colleagues - some of whom you'd have to imagine are men - are being very good about the whole thing.

The nurses said their co-workers plan on throwing them a group baby shower next week.

Banner Health is giving each of the expectant nurses one of these commemorative onsies.

The overalls reads: "Relax... my mother is a nurse banner!"

The hospital's officials have also noted that they'll need to have a think about the number of staff that will need to be drafted in when they inevitably have to take the time off to be with their kids.

And they are not coming from the maternity ward.