Perseid meteor shower to take place this weekend

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Earth is now passing through the path of Comet Swift-Tuttle and the best meteor shower of the year will happen this weekend as a result.

As many as 100 meteors, or shooting stars, can be seen per hour during the shower's peak between Saturday and Monday. During peak, observers can expect to see 60-70 meteors per hour.

Every year, as Earth passes through the Swift-Tuttle's tail of debris, the Perseid meteor shower occurs.

This early activity may be a good omen for the nights ahead, especially August 11th-13th when Earth is expected to pass through the densest part of the comet's debris zone.

The Perseid meteor shower is back, space enthusiasts. He said after midnight is the best for viewing.

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Unfortunately the earth will pass through the thickest part of the dust field during the day on Friday and will not be visible but at night there will be enough debris to see the light show. Pipestone National Monument will be a great place to view the meteor shower, providing a wide area of night sky viewing and minimal background light pollution. "So, you're going to see a streak, and hopefully a colored streak but, they aren't always very colorful", says Vicki Funke, manager of Weiskopf Observatory.

What is a meteor shower? No matter the time of night, on the nights of August 12 and 13, Perseid meteors can be seen across the heavens, but the American Meteor Society advises that you should "aim your center of view about half-way up in the sky" for the most successful viewing.

EarthSky also says that it is important to know that all meteors come from a single point in the sky.

The best weather conditions to see the Perseids are clear, cloudless skies.

The peak of the meteor shower will be at around 3.30am on August 13.