Perseid meteor shower promises spectacular show

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If you are a star gazer, you need to be ready for a show this upcoming weekend! The Perseid shower is one of the most popular shower among stargazers, sending it be one of the brightest and most active meteor showers in the entire year.

A New Moon occurs on August 11 which will make the night skies ideal for meteor shower watching before and after the peak night.

The Perseid meteor shower is an August treat every year because the Earth passes through a trail left by the 16-miles-wide comet of dust, ice, rock and organic material called the Comet Swift-Tuttle, Space.Com explains. If you take a peek next Friday or Saturday nights, you'll likely still see 80 or more meteors per hour. The best views will come before dawn on the 13th, Astronomy magazine predicts. 2016 was an outburst year, which means the rate can be between 150-200 meteors an hour. But Cooke said the Perseids are rich in fireballs, so the show should be spectacular.

Best viewing time? Well, you might want to take a nap before you head out there.

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But don't worry. The Comet Swift-Tuttle isn't going to crash into the Earth any time soon, if at all, NASA says.

The particles, many no bigger than a grain of sand or a pea, blast across the sky at some 132,000 miles per hour and disintegrate high up in our atmosphere after making a brilliant flash of light. Lie on your back and look straight up.

No special equipment is needed to view the shower. Allow about 45 minutes for your eyes to adjust to the dark.