Meghan Markle is 'no Princess Diana' says sister Samantha

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So when Meghan Markle began donning her designs - like her stunning CA$100,000 halter-neck reception gown - it made flawless sense. Amal called me and asked me to do it, as did Oprah.

According to celebrity beauty guru Daniel Martin, who has worked with the Duchess for many years, Harry was thrilled that he had made his new wife - sporting a natural, timeless look with neutral colours - look like her "best self".

It also happened to be the Duchess' 37th birthday.

The make-up guru has been working with Meghan for many years, and knows very well her preferences. I don't want to disrespect you, but I've known for nearly ten years.

Sources add that the Duchess' decision to decline was "a line in the sand" as she is now choosing to focus on her life as a royal with husband Prince Harry.

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But the Duchess was still criticised for flashing her bra and going against the traditions.

Anxious about the "hysteria" surrounding the Duchess of Sussex, the royal has issued a stern directive to friends to keep their lips shut about the pair, with anyone breaking the code of silence immediately booted out from the inner circle.

However, an additional source had a different story: "Meghan and Harry know that she only received an invitation because it's good for Emmy ratings, which haven't been the greatest in the last 2 or 3 years". However, it remains to be seen if the rumour mill is right about her wanting to forgive her father for his misdeeds. Meghan and Harry celebrated her birthday in the English countryside this past weekend. 'That means we can't hear what she is saying.

"That is my favorite kind of look". She became the woman that she is today thanks to everything I did for her.

The insider claims that the Emmy's said they would've hoped Meghan would use the final chance to say goodbye to numerous people she has gotten to know over the years.