Last solar eclipse of 2018 to occur today

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Placing your bets on the path traced by Nasa's Goddard Space Flight Centre, Surya Grahan or solar eclipse will be witnessed over northern Canada, north-eastern US, Greenland, Scandinavia, most of Siberia, and some parts of central Asia.

This weekend's solar eclipse will be a partial eclipse of the sun, not the spectacular total solar eclipse that thrilled millions past year. The Surya Grahan will not be visible all over India as it is not big enough to cover all the places.

Third and last solar eclipse of the current year will be on August 11.

What's the difference between a lunar and solar eclipse? It will last for more than three hours and is said to be visible in Northern hemisphere regions.

There are various interesting facts about the solar eclipse which you should know.

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Here, the Moon's shadow will only be able to block out one part of the Sun, which will create a partial eclipse.

American space organization National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has been especially critical of all such myths, completely discrediting all of them.

So, unlike a year ago, no place on Earth will see the glorious spectacle of a total solar eclipse. "If that were the case, the same radiations would harm the food in your pantry, or crops in the field". From this location, it will last 11 minutes.

For much of the world, the last chance to catch an eclipse for a while is about to happen. "It (the myth) has got no scientific basis to it", says Dr. Bagel, adding that the reason these beliefs have been perpetuated in cultures across the globe is due to ignorance. As the sun will never be completely covered, spectators are advised to wear solar safety glasses at all times and photographic equipment will need filters. All around the world, different cultures have different kinds of reasoning. You'll have to wait until January 21, 2019 for the next eclipse.

A solar eclipse can be full or partial depending on the portion of the Sun obscured by the Moon when viewed from the Earth. Skywatchers should use binoculars, a telescope or optical camera viewfinder to watch the eclipse.