Kim Kardashian Just Set The Record Straight After Fighting With Her Sisters

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No shame here - you were a hot AF pregnant woman and, most importantly, you are a loving mother now with an incredible little daughter to raise!

And now, Keeping up With The Kardashians is back for its 15th season, which looks like it's going to be just as explosive as the last.

On Sunday's episode of the reality show, Kourtney, Kim and Khloé Kardashian got into a massive fight about work schedules and family after Kim attempted to plan a family photo shoot.

During the episode, which is called Photo Shoot Dispute, the three sisters got into a heated argument over the family's annual Christmas card.

Kim then questioned Kourtney's lack of business interests, adding she didn't know what it takes to make run a successful company.

Khloe, who appeared to stay neutral during the episode, tweeted, "I just want peace" which prompted Kourtney to reply, "Khloe let's be honest here".

Kourtney doubled down on what she expressed on the show, telling fans that her priority is to be a mother, and that the fight gave her "chills".

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Responding to a fan who wrote that Kourtney has never reacted so severely in the past even though she and Kim used to fight "all the time", Kourtney wrote that she is different now.

It's the show that's made Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie household names in countries all over the world.

"I wasn't wanting MORE work, I already felt spread thin", Kourtney explained in a tweet to Kim. The oldest Kardashian ends up storming out and Kim shouts, "She's the least exciting to look at".

Since the episode went to air in the United States, the girls have continued their rants online, with Kourtney claiming she doesn't "accept the way" they "criticize and judge each other anymore". "My personal growth doesn't allow it (sic)".

To which Khloe hit back with: "What the f*** does that mean?"

I'm gonna stop you there hun - do you honestly not have enough money to raise your kids? "That's what I want to do".

She said: "I'm not here to be mistreated by my f-ing bitch family".