High number of Cape Cod mosquitoes with West Nile virus

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The Health Department said the public can assist in identifying areas with water which could become potential breeding sites for the mosquitos, which lay their eggs in water.

Two positive test results for West Nile virus in Kitchener is a good reminder to residents in Waterloo region to take precautions to avoid being bit by mosquitoes, a health official says. They contracted the virus in late July and were hospitalized.

They also recommended keeping your skin covered.

"This is the first direct evidence of West Nile activity in our area this summer", reads a release from Hastings Prince Edward Public Health.

Most people infected with the virus don't show symptoms, but those who have a reaction may experience fever, nausea, headaches and muscle aches for a few days or weeks.

"The amount of virus we are detecting in mosquitoes is well above the historical average for this time of year and is also occurring earlier in the season than the average", Mark Clifton, the agency's director, said in the release.

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Wear long sleeves and trousers or wear repellent to help protect yourself from getting bitten. Prior to this year, CT has seen 134 cases with three fatalities, the DPH said.

"Since last week, we have registered 17 new cases", of the mosquito-borne disease, the Greek centre for disease control and prevention (Keelpno) said.

One bird has died from the virus and 11 sentinel chickens have been diagnosed with the virus.

Many people this time of year will get a mosquito bite.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority is warning Saskatoon residents about West Nile virus after mosquitoes caught in two traps within city limits were confirmed to be infected with the virus.