Google Maps location sharing now adds phones battery life

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Now users cannot only share your location but also information about the battery charge on your device. If you check the location of a contact, you'll also see what percentage their battery is at too. Depending on a user's stance on privacy, this might either be useful or downright creepy. Suppose they're sharing their location data because they're having an emergency and want some assistance.

It also has more serious uses, like helping friends or family find you if you've had an accident in an isolated place. You will see that contact's information, including their name and location, as well as the option to get directions to where they are.

By showing people you trust that your battery's almost empty, for instance, they won't be as anxious in case they can't get in touch with you for the next hour or so. Well, one thing is definite - one can no longer lie about dead battery being the reason behind them not being able to call!

The new feature isn't exactly new, though.

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Through the location sharing feature of Google Maps, users cannot only see where their friends are, but how much juice is in their friend's phone. The previous implementation was less accurate, however. Now, it appears to give users an exact percentage and will also indicate if the person is charging their device. Location sharing is a very helpful pre-embedded feature. You can check out the new feature on both iOS and Android versions of the app today.

Thoughts about the new battery indicator feature?

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