Film Mission Impossible-6 showed on a 600-meter-high rock

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However, the continuing movie series have been well made, with lots of action, a strong lead (Tom Cruise), and some clever, if over-complicated, plots.

So what exactly are we getting here?

The new Mission Impossible event will be available for both Android and iOS devices and will host several franchise-specific additions, including new music, customizable parachutes, a new theme, and tons more. But there will be special goodies for the player avatars too.

Presumably these Mission: Impossible challenges will be merely hard.

Scientists successfully bioengineer and transplant lungs into pigs
The pig's lung was not rejected, and previous problems with other versions of bioengineered lungs have not occurred with this one. After being transplanted, the blood vessels and alveolar tissue continue developing for approximately two months.

The biggest movie/ mobile crossover to date has been the Fortnite and Infinity War mashup, but unlike Epic Games, PUBG Corp is restricting the update to mobile only.

Players on PUBG mobile can now access a host of Mission: Impossible-themed content, after the battle royale shooter announced a month-long tie-in event throughout August.

Good for you Tom, for proving those Cruise-haters wrong once again with this breathtaking turn among your more serious works such as, "Born on the 4th of July", "The Color of Money", "Rainman", "Jerry Maguire", "A Few Good Men", "The Last Samurai", "Magnolia", etc, etc...

The "Mission: Impossible" film franchise, which began back in 1996, seems to be aging just as gracefully as its lead star, with nearly every installment improving on the last. The Survival Mode and Team Rush Mode are going to be revived with the added challenges in PUBG MOBILE. What do you think of the rewards?