Emergency declared in Virginia prior to 'Unite the Right' rally

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- Businesses in the District where white nationalist, white supremacist and neo-Nazis are planning to hold the Unite the Right rally on Sunday have stated they will refuse service to anyone with hate in their heart.

The 2017 Charlottesville rally, which drew white supremacists and neo-Nazis, was originally meant to protest the planned removal of a statue depicting Confederate General Robert E. Lee that still stands.

Washington is bracing for a white nationalist rally that law enforcement agencies will try to prevent from descending into a melee like the one in Charlottesville, Virginia, that cast a shadow over Donald Trump's presidency a year ago.

"We have learned many lessons from the tragic events of August 12, 2017".

During last year's rally on August 12, 32-year-old Heather Heyer was killed as a auto plowed into a crowd.

Two state troopers who had been monitoring the event also were killed when their helicopter crashed.

Northam asked residents to "make alternative plans to engaging with planned demonstrations of hate".

But similar far-right protests have been dwarfed by counterprotesters.

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In a report from USA Today, Virginia State Police Superintendent Gary Settle said more than 700 state police will be activated during the weekend and "state police is fully prepared to act" to prevent any incidents like past year. Almost two dozen people were also injured in the attack, which officials said was carried out by a 21-year-old white man from OH who had demonstrated with the white supremacist groups.

"We know that our responsibility is to protect First Amendment events, to protect Washingtonians and to protect our city, and we will do just that", she said. The state's declaration allocates $2 million in state funds and authorizes the Virginia National Guard to assist in security efforts.

On Sunday, thousands of counter-protesters are slated to attend multiple rallies against white supremacy in Washington, DC.

"Nothing would excite us any better than for this to be noneventful and folks to go home and it be a peaceful weekend for all", Settle said. And you had a group on the other side that was also very violent.

"I'm trying to speak up for the issues, which is what she would want done, not the focus on her, but the focus on the issues that still need to be resolved", Susan Bro, Heyer's mother, told MSNBC.

The second iteration of the white nationalist gathering is set to take place in Washington, D.C., this weekend.

The area also includes the street where Heather Heyer was killed when a man attending the rally is accused of plowing into a crowd of people with his auto.

Park Police will also be on hand and the National Park Service said any approved groups will be sectioned off to different areas of the park.