BOMBSHELL: Lanny Davis Changes Story. CNN Caught In New Reporting Scandal

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Robert Mueller's special counsel recently secured a plea deal from Donald Trump's former attorney, Michael Cohen and gave immunity to AMI CEO David Pecker, who quickly confirmed the validity of Cohen's claims that Trump paid off women to remain quiet about their affairs just ahead of the 2016 November election.

Top CNN reporters Jim Sciutto, Marshall Cohen and Carl Bernstein - of Watergate reporting fame - had bylines on the story. He also said he regretted lying about it on CNN's air last week.

"I made a mistake", Mr. Davis said. "I think it's gonna become increasingly hard for CNN to continue to dig in their heels on this one, especially with the retraction of The Washington Post and I believe The New York Post has updated their story as well".

In fact, emails released by Trump Jr himself make clear that he was explicitly told an attendee at the meeting would be a "Russian government attorney" who wanted to provide damaging information about Clinton.

"I did NOT know of the meeting with my son, Don jr".

"My advice to the president, I never gave it to him privately because I'm not his lawyer, but on television is, 'Don't fire, don't pardon, don't tweet and don't testify, '" Dershowitz said on "This Week".

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On Monday night, a Fox News panel piled on CNN's bombshell report regarding President Donald Trump having knowledge of the infamous Trump Tower meeting.

After suggesting to CNN last Wednesday that 'Cohen was an observer and was a witness to Mr. Trump's awareness of those emails before they were dropped, ' Cohen told the Washington Post, 'there's a possibility that is the case. BuzzFeed News wrote an article about CNN's story, citing reporting from CNN and NBC News.

The greatest threat to President Trump is not the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller but other probes by USA prosecutors in NY, said Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard Law School professor emeritus.

However, Cohen's lawyer Lanny Davis refuted CNN's report, insisting his client didn't know whether or not Trump knew about the meeting.

"No, there's not", Davis said.