Best-selling console for June in U.S. was the NES Classic Mini

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It also (hopefully) suggests that a Nintendo 64 Classic, Gamecube Classic, and Game Boy Classic will happen eventually. It has certainly helped bolster Nintendo's sales figures with the Switch also proving to be a big success.

For the first time since 1995, an NES-branded console is the top-selling piece of hardware in the United States. In a report via UberGizmo though, it's wasn't the Switch, it was the NES classic. Nostalgia for decades-old games has fueled demand for retro consoles-and none of the old consoles is coveted right now as much as Nintendo's NES Classic. Both Sony and Microsoft have reported increased sales in their consoles based on the previous year. "Dollar sales of all other hardware grew more than 23 times in the month when compared to a year ago, driven by sales of plug-and-play devices like the NES Classic and the Super Nintendo Classic". It is, however, surprising that Nintendo has again topped the console sales charts.

On the games sales side, June debut Mario Tennis Aces was the U.S. best seller for the month, followed by April's God of War on PlayStation 4, and then Grand Theft Auto V (November 2014 on PS4 and XBO, April 2015 on PC), The Crew 2 (June 2018) and Far Cry 5 (March 2018) on computer and console.

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This all marks what has been an excellent few years for Nintendo.

In software, five Nintendo-published titles and four multiplatform titles with Switch releases made the top 20. As far as I'm concerned, long may it continue!

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