Amazon Echo Data Leak Highlights Significant Hurdles To Voice Shopping Adoption

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Smart speakers touting digital assistants are becoming more commonplace in tech savvy homes, with the Amazon Alexa supporting Echo range one of the leaders Stateside.

Answer Update lets Alexa notify you when she's learned the answer to a question that was previously too tough for her.

Amazon, in an effort to advance Alexa's capabilities, has reportedly confirmed the rollout of a new feature called "Answer Update".

The feature was first spotted by Voicebot.

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Customers will also have an option to turn off the feature by saying "Alexa, turn off Answer Update". The virtual personal assistant will answer, "Okay, if you ask me a question and I don't know the answer, but I find out later, I'll notify you".

"We're excited for SEAT to incorporate Alexa into its vehicles", says Ned Curic, who is in charge of Amazon Alexa's automotive division. It could add a layer of sophistication to Alexa, which today often replies to queries with something like, "Sorry, I didn't understand the question".

In a statement to PCMag, Amazon said it will be rolling out this feature to "all Alexa customers over the coming week". "The idea is to allow people to better take advantage of Alexa's quickly improving Knowledge Graph", TechCrunch writes. And those tricks Alexa might use in the future to juice up the voice-order business might come across as transparent ways to inject advertising into the home, which could in turn result in people just asking it to shut up. EMarketer found that 66% of US smart-speaker users used an Amazon Echo at least once a month, compared with 29.5% who used Google Home. It predicted that Google's share of the market would grow to 33% by 2020, with Amazon's decreasing to 60%. Notably, the Answer Update feature will be an opt-in feature that is expected to roll out to Amazon Alexa users over the next week.