Prince Harry and Elton John join forces at AIDS conference in Amsterdam

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President of AIDS 2018, Linda-Gail Bekker, says, "Enough of women and girls not having access to basic services because of shame or taboo or lack of access to education or because men make the rules".

UNAIDS said this month that the fight against HIV/AIDS was "slipping off track" and while deaths were falling and treatment rates rising, rates of new HIV infections threatened to derail efforts to defeat the disease.

In the lieu of declining donor and domestic funding, experts worry it is likely continue declining.

According to UNAIDS executive director Michel Sidibe, there was a funding gap of nearly £4.6 billion ($6 billion).

Under PrEP, anti-HIV medication originally used in the treatment of infected patients is administered to healthy individuals in order to prevent infection.

Under Donald Trump, the United States administration has proposed massive spending cuts, though these have failed to pass through Congress so far.

Actress Dame Elizabeth Taylor addressed the last Aids conference held in Amsterdam 26 years ago, and last night her grandson, Quinn Tivey, and granddaughters Naomi and Laela Wilding continued the family tradition.

"If we don't pay now we will pay more and more later", he told the meeting.

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AIDS 2018 will provide 18,000 conference delegates with the latest HIV research, as well as an opportunity to reflect on key issues facing both the HIV sector and the broader global health community.

Some 15,000 delegates - researchers, campaigners, activists and people living with the AIDS-causing virus - gathered for a five-day war council amid dire warnings that complacency and a shortage of funds may yet cause AIDS to spiral out of control.

HIV prevalence can be high as up to 70% among sex workers in some southern African countries; however, about three quarters of countries reporting to UNAIDS criminalize some aspect of sex work and sex workers report that condoms are often confiscated by the police.

"I remember going to South Africa in Cape Town and setting up a helpline at [the University of Cape Town] for students who couldn't talk about being gay or having AIDS or HIV because they would be thrown out of university", he said.

Scientists first treated rhesus monkeys with a man-made version of IgM, which is naturally produced by plasma cells located under the epithelium - the surface lining of body cavities. It will work creatively to boost HIV diagnosis and treatment among young men, focusing on those 24 to 35, among whom testing and treatment rates are low, endangering their own health and that of the people they have sex with.

I am 33 years old and I already feel out of touch.

"We are far, far, far away from our goal of prevention, not just elimination", Kilonzo warned.

Yet, the success is "incredibly fragile", warned Barr. If we lose them, then we're back to the horror of 1992'.