Netflix explores new premium price tier for 4K

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The new Ultra subscription plan just might not go down well with the already existing Premium users of the Netflix. As more advanced televisions capable of displaying HDR content hit the market, Netflix is hoping to keep up with the increasing demand by offering streamable content at these ultra-high definitions. Some European consumers were offered the Ultra plan at an even higher price (€19.99 or $23.39).

That's three euros higher than the highest-price plan now offered.

Netflix is planning to launch a new tier in the current packages offered to the audience for a subscription.

Netflix is testing two versions of the plan, but in both options, the Ultra choice will cost $16.99 United States dollars per month.

The trial is now live in Europe but is expected to become globally available as the streaming giants attempt to improve its financial status.

"This feature is only offered on the website and has seen declining usage over time", said Netflix spokesperson Smita Saran. Certainly, the existing users of the Premium and the standard plans are sure to experience a frown or two on their face but it would be juvenile to doubt the loyal customers who crave for the Netflix experience.

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Wall Street analysts have said that Netflix has enough pull for testing out these higher prices.

During a few months of 2017, Netflix posted its largest three-month growth spurt - 8.3 million new subscribers - despite raising the cost of its most popular plan (the Standard plan with two screens watching simultaneously) by $1 in October 2017.

But not every Netflix price increase has gone smoothly.

According to a report out of Italy, Netflix will add a new fourth tier of service called Ultra that will be priced at €16.99 a month in Italy.

In 2011, Netflix lost 800,000 US subscribers when it raised the prices for its plan offering streaming video and DVD rentals from $9.99 to $15.98.