Disney announces plan to eliminate plastic straws,…

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In short, Santa Barbara's plastic-straw ban is a measure created to make politicians and their supporters feel as if they have done something to help the planet when all they have really done is infringe on people's liberty, increase businesses' costs, and make life that much harder for the disabled. If they want our straws, one argued, they can "come and take them". They hint at a darker truth about straw bans, a fact these policies' proponents prefer to ignore: All laws ultimately rest on state violence.

Disney and SeaWorld Entertainment join other major companies like Starbucks, Hyatt and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines in their plastic straw bans. Providers can use non-plastic alternatives, including paper, sugar cane, or bamboo; however, they can only offer them to customers if the customer requests a straw.

Santa Barbara made national news as jail time was suggested for punishment for anyone breaking this ordinance.

Those who violate the plastic straw ban in Santa Barbara, Calif., could reportedly face jail time. USA Today reports that the entertainment giant will be banning single-use plastic straws from all theme parks that it owns. You can start with this movement and can go from there trying to eliminate single-use plastic usage. According to the company, this amounts to a reduction of more than 175 million straws and 13 million stirrers annually.

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There are more eco-friendly straws out there if you do prefer to drink with a straw.

While other bans-like the one that Seattle recently passed-have included dispensations for consumers with disabilities, the present text of the Santa Barbara ordonnance contains no such exception. The loss of plastic bags, plastic bottles, and stirrers is something that most people will be able to get around and learn how to adjust.

The company will also eliminate plastic bags and use refillable amenities in hotels and cruise ships over the coming years. Unfortunately, more cities - San Francisco being the latest - seem determined to follow suit.