YouTube's New Music Service

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There will also be a "reimagined" mobile app and new desktop player, of which we can get a faint idea from the picture above. Kind of, sort of.

YouTube Red is now called "YouTube Premium", and costs $2 more per month.

YouTube Premium on the other hand, is bringing everything that YouTube Red has, but under a new branding. YouTube already has a service by the same name, but this new version overhauls the old one and introduces two new premium services into the mix: YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium.

Come Tuesday, YouTube Music launches in U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Korea, while Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom will get it soon - check it out at this link.

YouTube Premium, meanwhile, will offer ad-free, background, and offline video access across all devices. The other replacement to YouTube Red is YouTube Premium, which gives users access to a full slate of YouTube original video programming such as the Karate Kid-inspired series Cobra Kai.

According to projections in the IFPI's Global Music Report, YouTube is the world's most dominant music streaming platform, attracting 46 per cent of all music streaming listening time around the world previous year, with the exception of China. Spotify and Apple Music subscribers may be content with their chosen services for now, but if YouTube Music truly does become a legitimate contender in the streaming market, it will be hard to resist the allure of YouTube Premium for all the extra perks it offers.

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Elias Roman, a product manager for YouTube Music, said: "It's all here..." Google is utilising natural language processing (NLP) within the app's search function to help you find music based upon a vague description.

YouTube may be the streaming originator. I have thousands of songs on Google Play Music, and I can buy more or listen to podcasts.

May 21 is the last day before Google converts YouTube Red to YouTube Premium, so it's likely the last day to get grandfathered into Google's sweet deal where subscribers who pay $9.99 per month for Google Play Music get YouTube Red/Premium for free. YouTube have confirmed with USA Today that Google Play Music will eventually be phased out and replaced by YouTube Music.

For example, if you're at an airport, YouTube Music will recommend something relaxing before you're flight.

However, with YouTube's backing, you also get access to millions of music videos. For new members, the cost of the YouTube Premium service is $11.99 per month.