Whale dies after eating 80 plastic bags

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The autopsy found at least eight kg of plastic in the whale's stomach.

This handout picture from ThaiWhales, a private whale conservation group, taken on May 28, 2018 and released on June 2, 2018 shows volunteers and governmment marine veterinarians rescuing a sick male pilot whale in Songkhla.

A study published a year ago found that 83 percent of water samples from more than a dozen nations were contaminated with plastic fibers. For almost a week, veterinarians tried to nurse it back to health, but four days later, it died.

The pilot whale was barely alive when it was found by rescuers in a canal near Thailand's border with Malaysia.

Thailand is a major user of plastic bags and its government last month announced it was considering a levy on them.

A pilot whale has died in southern Thailand from hunger after it swallowed more than 80 plastic bags that filled its stomach.

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But it suffered convulsions during the rescue attempt and vomited five plastic bags shortly before it died.

Thon Thamrongnawasawat, a marine biologist and lecturer at Kasetsart University, said the bags had made it impossible for the whale to eat any nutritional food.

Every square kilometre of the world's oceans is believed to contain 13,000 pieces of plastic, and for creatures that eat jellyfish and squid, a synthetic bag can be easily mistaken as a prey item.

Upsetting photographs show the shocking result of pollution on a whale that starved to death because it had swallowed 80 plastic bags. "We use a lot of plastic".

In April, a 33-foot sperm whale weighing almost 15,000 pounds was found dead on a Spanish beach.