The Last of Us Part II Gameplay Trailer Unveiled

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During its E3 event this evening, Sony has kicked things off with an extended look at The Last of Us 2, a sequel to the hit 2013 game. She is on a path towards finding peace in her world-but it doesn't last.

Needless to say, most of the game is pretty bleak and brutal - but Naughty Dog excels at contrasting that setting against genuinely moving storytelling, filled with poignant scenes and grounded, human emotion. "We've completely overhauled our engine, developed new combat mechanics, created a new analog stealth system, and revamped our animation system to fully express Ellie's desperation, resourcefulness, and unique agility". We crafted a molotov cocktail full of questions and threw it directly at co-game directors Kurt Margenau and Anthony Newman at E3, and the details they provided gave us some answers we'd been hoping for long before the PlayStation E3 2018 presentation.

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The previous game in the series forced you into a few actions that made sense for Joel, but didn't necessarily align with the motives of players. Once that is done, it goes back to Ellie and Dina at the dance. While we wait for more confirmation on just who you'll be able to play as let us know if you're okay with just controlling Ellie in the upcoming The Last of Us Part II, or if you'd rather play as someone else.