The First Aquaman Movie Images Look Amazing!

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We can only hope this photo release means a teaser trailer is on its way soon!

Aquaman hits theaters in December and will be the only DCEU movie to be released in 2018 and the first since Justice League.

Director James Wan's Aquaman will introduce Atlanna - former Queen of Atlantis and mother of Jason Momoa's Arthur Curry - to the DC Extended Universe, with Academy Award and Golden Globe victor Nicole Kidman in the role.

Of all of Aquaman's villains, Black Manta is probably the most well-known one.

And in case you were wondering who that is choosing a hammerhead shark as their noble steed, that's none other than Vulko, played by the one and only Willem Dafoe.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II plays David Kane, aka Black Manta, in Aquaman and it appears that we may be getting a bit of the character's origin story in the upcoming film. Not pictured is Dolph Lundgren, who stars as King Nereus.

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Scottish actor Graham McTavish also reportedly has a role in the upcoming movie, though it's now unknown what character he'll be playing. No specific time or date for Warner Bros.' DC Films presentation has been announced.

The film's storyline takes place in the wake of Justice League in which Arthur Curry/Aquaman, the half-human half-Atlantean ruler of Atlantis, reluctantly assumes the underwater kingdom's throne.

While the photo doesn't actually show Mateen in the Black Manta suit, it does show him looking at the iconic Black Manta helmet.

Though it might have seemed odd that there hasn't been all that much early promotion for Aquaman up until now, it's worth bearing in mind just what kind of world director James Wan and the production team are creating.

Aquaman faces off with his ambitious half-brother King Orm (Patrick Wilson) who wants to declare war on the surface world. But our main story is about Jason and Patrick'.